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For what reason do I have to consistently have the most recent firmware on my NETGEAR item?

Having the most recent firmware will help increment the soundness, usefulness and execution of your item. The new and most forward-thinking firmware will probably address issues just as conceivably add as good as ever highlights to the item.

For what reason do you call it 3DHD?

The WNHDB3004 is equipped for spilling numerous 1080P all through a solitary family home. Today a ton of TVs are 3D and the transfer speed prerequisite goes higher when you are spilling 3D content over remote as 3D HD streams which suggests Two 1080P streams, one for each eye.

What is so special about the WNHDB3004?

WNHDB3004 is the most elevated performing Wireless apparatus in the market as far as unwavering quality of spilling 1080P streams over WiFi in a huge single family home.

What advancements does it use to get this range and video unwavering quality?

The WNHDB3004 is the business’ first 4×4 MIMO arrangement, 4 transmitters and 4 beneficiaries. Furthermore, the WiFi advancements beneath made it conceivable to expand its range and gives strength and dependability of spilling Video over Wireless:

Transmit beamforming

Space-time square coding (STBC)

Channel state mindful WiFi interface the executives utilizing continuous range examination

Would i be able to utilize WNHD3004 as an extension to associate remotely to a non-WNHD3004 5GHz remote access


Presently, WNHD3004 scaffold can just associate with WNHD3004 passageway so it’s not upheld. We

will include this component bolster a future firmware discharge. Note that WNHD3004 as a passage

Accepts non-WNHD3004 customers.

For what reason wouldn’t i be able to interface a remote customer utilizing WNHD3004 passageway’s remote security PIN?

This is a present constraint and we’ll discharge future firmware to make it work. On the other

hand, you can enter the remote customer’s security PIN on the WNHD3004 AP GUI to interface it, or

utilize the more typical WPS push-catch or manual design.

The power LED is squinting, I’m not catching that’s meaning?

On the off chance that WNHD3004 is set as an AP, that implies no WNHD3004 connect or different remote customer is associated

to it.

On the off chance that WNHD3004 is set as a Bridge, that implies it’s not associated with the WNHD3004 AP.

Note: Make sure two WNHD3004 units are not all set to AP mode, or Bridge mode, units with the

same mode can’t interface with one another. Auto mode should naturally set the unit to the correct mode.

The remote LED is red. What would i be able to do to improve the speed?

Red remote speed LED implies the extension is out of range from the passage, you can turn the

scaffold to an alternate point to check whether it helps, yet the most ideal path is to move the extension a little

closer to the AP. Another arrangement you can attempt is to sign onto the WNHD3004 GUI, go to “Network

Settings” and uncheck goals (which is turned on naturally), you may get

some presentation improvement.

For what reason wouldn’t i be able to get to or

For this to work, the PC must be straightforwardly associated with one of the 4 Ethernet ports on the

WNHD3004 unit. On the off chance that your PC is associated with the switch, you won’t most likely get to WNHD3004

GUI. Note: You can likewise get to the WNHD3004 GUI by composing its IP address on the program. You can

discover the IP address of the WNHD3004 from the switch’s web GUI (for instance, you can get

this data from “Joined Devices” page on NETGEAR switches) and peruse to that IP to get to


I have two WNHD3004, for what reason do they have a similar sequential number?

It implies that the two WNHD3004 are packaged. This can be enrolled and it will be perceived as WNHDB3004