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WN3500RP Universal Dual Band WiFi Extender FAQs

For what reason do I have to consistently have the most recent firmware on my NETGEAR item?

Having the most recent firmware will help increment the dependability, usefulness and execution of your item. The new and most exceptional firmware will probably address issues just as possibly add as good as ever highlights to the item.

NETGEAR genie continues approaching me for my remote secret word, and I am certain I have entered the right remote secret phrase. What would i be able to do?

Almost certainly, the extender is set at the fringe of the range secured by the switch. To determine this, adhere to the guidelines in Getting Started on page 6. In the event that you are utilizing WEP security, ensure that you are composing the remote key in the right field.

I associated with NETGEAR_EXT and propelled a program. For what reason am I incapable to see NETGEAR genie?

To begin with, ensure that your PC is set up to utilize DHCP (generally are). Second, ensure that the Wireless Device to Extender LED is strong green and you have a substantial IP address. At long last, relaunch the program, and enter

Will the extender work in the event that I interface it to the switch with an Ethernet link?

No. The extender is intended to interface remotely to the switch.

What are the client name and secret word to sign in to the extender?

The client name is administrator, and the default secret phrase is secret phrase. Both are case-touchy.

I have empowered a remote MAC channel (remote access control – ACL) on my switch. What would it be a good idea for me to do when introducing the WN3500RP?

The remote gadget MAC address is meant another MAC address when the remote gadget associates with the WN3500RP. On the off chance that your switch MAC channel is empowered, the remote gadget won’t most likely get the IP address from the WN3500RP. To enable this remote gadget to get to the Internet, you should include the made an interpretation of MAC address into the switch.

To get the interpreted MAC address:

Impair the MAC channel on your switch.

Power on the WN3500RP and interface the majority of your remote gadgets to the WN3500RP.

Ensure that the Link Rate LED stays lit.

Sign in to your switch and check the appended gadgets on the Attached Devices screen. Include any MAC tends to that start with 02:0F:B5 into your switch’s MAC channel table.


My switch security is WEP, and I entered an inappropriate passphrase or security key on the WN3500RP. I can’t get to the WN3500RP any more. What would i be able to do?

The WN3500RP can’t verify whether the WEP passphrase is right. On the off chance that you entered an inappropriate passphrase, your remote gadget can’t get the IP address from the WN3500RP. You should reset the WN3500RP to the production line defaults to recover the IP address.

I have finished the Installation Wizard, however my remote gadgets can’t get the IP address from the WN3500RP. What would it be a good idea for me to do?

Ensure that the passphrase you entered on your remote gadget is right, and power cycle the WN3500RP and your switch. On the off chance that your gadget is as yet not ready to get the IP address:

Draw the WN3500RP nearer to your switch, and draw your remote gadget nearer to the WN3500RP.

Incapacitate the remote interface and empower it again to check whether your remote gadget can get the IP address.

On the off chance that your switch has a MAC channel (Wireless Access control), impair it and pursue the FAQ to add the gadget’s MAC address to your switch.

Is there an approach to redo the gadget name of the WN3500RP as it shows up, when the client finds the extender where the speaker is joined to?

No. The main change you can apply to the extender is its SSID.

My NETGEAR WiFi extender won’t associate with my BT Home Hub utilizing WPS, am I accomplishing something incorrectly?

The “Remote Association” innovation being utilized by BT Home Hub 2 is not quite the same as the WPS of the NETGEAR extender. BT Home Hub 2’s “Remote Association” catch isn’t for WiFi WPS, however for the relationship with a DECT telephone. On the off chance that you are utilizing a BT Home Hub 3, it has a “Remote WPS” catch. Be that as it may, WPS was handicapped as a matter of course on BT Home Hub 3