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There are always many new electronic gadgets and useful tools coming to market, but for me one of the greatest innovations is the wireless router. No more having to hardwire your home network, running wires here and there, and because it is your home or small business, spending hours, trying to hide the wires.

Now, you are not tethered to one spot. Just take your laptop anywhere in your home, sit back comfortable and do your research, write your letters, chat online, watch YouTube, all effortlessly.

The speed that the router/network industry kept improving the speed and range is amazing. It was like going from dial-up to having your own personal T-1 line and it looks like things will even get faster.

Cities, communities and businesses have jumped onto the wireless rage. we now have Wi-Fi hotspots in so many place: hotels, airports, coffee shops, restaurants libraries and even open ended places in various towns and cities. As these places have made accessing the internet easier and a pleasure, still more can be done.

Some of the places I would really like to see Wi-Fi accessible is on airplanes and, yes, in our automobile. Take a trip by plane and you could access your email, enjoy entertainment, get your work done and transmitted back to your office. And, if Wi-Fi was available as you traveled by car, you could entertain the little ones; update your travel plans and email them to friends and family; get greater information about your present location and so on.

One of the things I would like to see in future iterations from Wi-Fi/Router manufacturers is the ability to run one of these units strictly from a usb port, without the need of a 110 volt power supply Then we would be free of the constraints of having to plug one into a wall socket.

Another thing I would like to see in the design of the next generation of routers is the fact that the connectivity to a desktop computer or any other computer is done via Bluetooth, rather than needing an RJ-45 network cable for an initial connection. Then we truly will be “wireless.”