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Wireless Network Type and Security

Wireless network connection is gaining popularity nowadays. This type of connection is easy to setup and most of the time reliable provided that it is setup correctly. The freedom to connect to the internet or to other devices at your place without the aid of any cable is really attractive to all users. Most of the houses and even office are using wireless network connection. However an unsecured wireless network is dangerous from wireless connection stealers and tappers. Learn about two types of wireless network setup and two ways to secure your wireless connection.

Infrastructure wireless network connection

There are two types of wireless network connection. Infrastructure network connection and ad-hoc network connection. Infrastructure uses a router or a gateway that provides and IP address to each devices and shares the internet connection. For example you have a desktop and a laptop. In order for the laptop or the desktop to connect wirelessly the router or gateway should have wireless capability. The normal setup is the modem is connected to the router then the laptop and desktop could be connecting wired or wirelessly.

Ad-hoc wireless network connection

This type of connection does not need any router or gateway. Ad-hoc connection involves two wireless devices that communicate directly. A good example would be two laptops. You can setup an ad-hoc connection on one of the laptop. One of the laptop will serve as a server and will broadcast its ad-hoc name. The second computer will scan for an ad-hoc signal and should detect computer number one. You will be given an option to connect to the ad-hoc network.

Wireless Security

The wireless signal that is being broadcasted by your router can be secured or unsecured. Unprotected signal allows unauthorized user to connect to your signal and get a free internet connection. If there is a lot of unauthorized user connecting to your router it will eat up your bandwidth resulting to slow internet. Not to mention they can also hack into your computer since you are already connected to one network.

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) & MAC Address

This type of wireless security is widely being use due to its simplicity. Both WEP and WPA allow a user to produce a password and from this password it will be converted to decimal or hexadecimal. The string generated from the password is longer thus they are secure.

Wireless adapter has a unique identification number called Media Access Control (MAC) address. There is an option to add the MAC address of the computer that is allowed to connect to the network. Unregistered MAC address will not be allowed to connect by the router.

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