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What’s So Wireless About It?

For anyone who has ever been the proud owner of a new laptop, excited and eager to try out all the new advertised “wireless features” they come with these days, the “wireless” part can often lack a whole lot of “wow.” Within just a few hours of setting it up, it was time to hook up to the internet. Wire. In order to use wireless internet, a router must be hooked up to the existing LAN connection. Well, no matter- instead how about watching that funny new YouTube video everyone is talking about? After hooking up speakers to hear the audio over the sound of the street noise *wires and buffering* the laptop will be perfect for downloading and watching all my favorite movies on the go *wait time, which equals power cord, which equals wire.* If to show a roommate something in the next room, it’s either deactivating a bomb’s worth of wiring, or she’s coming here. After just a short stint out of the box the laptop is a virtual nest of wires, and all dreams of an easy wireless existence have hit the recycling bin. There has to be a better way to get wireless internet.

When looking for a wireless solution that also provides a superior wireless broadband connection, the options can be few and far between. Luckily, the very latest in technology to sweep the nation may just be the answer to clutter-free electronic living. The fourth generation (4G) of wireless technology is here, by way of WiMax internet service. Whereas Wi-Fi is more like having a cordless phone- it still only works when near its receiver- WiMax provides mobile roaming while still maintaining an individual internet connection. Anywhere you can get a signal you can have a high speed broadband connection. That means downloading movies while waiting at the airport, instead of planning weeks in advance to make sure you’ve got a few to get you where you’re going. It also means that even at home the need for cables will be a thing of the past. Ah, freedom. Freedom to roam about one’s home with computer in hand, but also freedom to roam about the country (hopefully one day the planet)! At the moment, the lucky states to first have such wireless service are Texas, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Georgia and Pennsylvania, but there will be many more locations coming very soon.

For students such a service can be especially useful, because as many students know one of the hardest parts of roommate living can be the bills. For phone, electric, gas, and internet there’s the big decision of whose name should be on which bill, and then the ordeal of collecting monthly funds. Not to mention, that with moving once or twice a year there’s always someone skipping out on a bill, or worse, the issue of moving the entire LAN internet setup to a new location. This brings up questions like “who gets the router?” that everyone chipped-in on, to have home Wi-Fi internet. By having an independent WiMax internet connection, the hassle of the old LAN ball and chain system is removed, and students are guaranteed a fast, reliable internet connection wherever they may be. Like the library.

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