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Nowadays wireless routers can be found everywhere, from the home to the office, to public locations such as coffee shops or even public parks. Their integration into modern society is basically something more of a given now. Over the years there have been numerous different speeds of router being touted as the best and fastest of all time, which of course as we know the best router of last month may not be the best router of today, as with all things tech-related.

Wireless Routers are not like your mothers 15 year old kitchen knife which is still sharp to this day. Tech items like these wear out over 2 – 3 years, so you find yourself constantly replacing them and constantly having to search for the next best thing, or maybe the next best most affordable thing.

Security is always an issue with using wireless internet, since you always have to be afraid of somebody ‘stealing’ your wifi from your lawn or the next door apartment. But taking up your bandwidth is not the real problem, a security risk is waiting to happen if you don’t password protect your wifi network, because without this setting outside users can easily acess not only your internet connection but all of the computers in your home or office connected to that network.

Change Admin Password

Most of the time when you buy a new router you will just unpack it and hurry to get it connected, without trying to worry too much about the technical jargon. While this does help you get connected and online fast, it is not really a secure thing to do. First of all most of the wireless routers can be accessed by typing in a simple set of numbers into a browser window by any device in range, and factory settings of many routers have a default password and username (usually something like admin, admin) or another similar easy to remember and easy to Hack password.

So you must change your administrator password for your router immediately. This is like the first and last line of defense for your wireless network, because if a hacker can access your router, any other passwords or settings that you may have set using that router suddenly become totally useless and privy to the hackers’ whim.

Enable WEP / WPA protection

The second thing you want to do is set a hexidecimal or word based password so that you restrict the allowed devices to the ones that have the password information. Not all devices use the same encryption method though, so you must find one that works for everything in your household or office.

These two things I mentioned above are the LEAST anyone should do when setting up a new wireless network at home.