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Power LED flashing

If it’s not too much trouble pursue beneath steps to work Rescue mode to fix this issue

(1) Download and introduce utility

Go to ASUS worldwide site and key in model name

  1. Snap [Support]
  2. Snap [Driver and Tools]
  3. Select OS
  4. Select [Utilities]
  5. Discover ASUS Rescue mode utility
  6. Snap [Global] to download

Compress document will be spared to demonstrated area

Discover ZIP document and unfasten it.

Double tap to introduce.

(2) Change the setting of connector

  1. Associate PC to switch by means of wired association
  2. Snap [ Start ]→ [ Control Panel ]→ [ Network and Internet ]→ [ Network Connections ]→Click[Change connector settings ]→ [LAN ]→ Right click [ Properties ]→ Click [Internet convention version4(TCP/IPv4) ]→ Click [ Properties ] on the privilege
  3. Modify your setting as underneath

IP address:

Subnet mask:

Snap [OK]

(3) Upload firmware

  1. Unplug the remote switch from the power source.
  2. Hold the [Reset button] for around 5secs, in the interim; re-pug the remote switch into the power source
  3. Discharge the Reset catch when the [Power LED] at the front board start blazing, which demonstrates that remote switch is in the Rescue Mode
  4. [Start ]→ [All programs ]→[ASUS utility ]→ [RT-AC87UWireless Router ](Depends on various model name)→「Firmware Restoration」
  5. Enter [Firmware Restoration], click [Browse] to pick the firmware you need to transfer, at that point click [Upload] and stick around 60secs.
  6. At the point when [Power LED] keeps stable lighting ,you can press [Reset catch ] to reestablish it to default setting

Note: After executing Rescue mode, kindly go to [Start]→ [Control Panel]→ [Network and Internet]→ [Network Connections]→Click[Change connector settings]→ [LAN ]→ Right click [Properties] → Click [Internet convention version4(TCP/IPv4)]→ Click [Properties] on the right, change your setting of IPv4 to [Obtain an IP address automatically]