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Growing Internet WiFi Market

Public Internet WiFi or Hotspots are a very common sight that we can usually find in many public areas or places that require customers to use the Internet. More and more people and places around the world have access to the Internet. It is obvious that the Internet and access to the internet will keep on growing and will continue to be an important part in our everyday lives.

Steps to Setup a Hotspot

There are several steps to consider when creating an Internet WiFi or Hotspot. I will explain simple steps to create a public hotspot.

First and foremost is to determine your location. If you are intending to create a public hotspot you probably already have a place in mind. Your place of choice maybe a hotel, cafe, or any other public place the important thing is it is a place where people need Internet access.

Secondly is the Internet connection itself. You need to have an Internet connection in order to share or sell it to your customers. Find a local ISP for Internet connection deals and coverage.

Third is the hardware to share the Internet, typically you need a modem (from your ISP or your own) for the Internet connection. Also you would need a wireless router to share your Internet connection, there are many types of hardware with different capabilities to consider when choosing a router. Find the one that is most suitable for your needs.

Hotspot Types

After you have all the physical requirements to create a public Internet WiFi, the next step is that you need to decide if you want to charge for your hotspot or make it free. Typically places that would charge for Internet WiFi usage are hotels, camping grounds, harbors and business conferences. Places that often offer free Internet WiFi are Cafés, restaurants, waiting rooms, and other public areas.

There are also two types of hotspots that you can create. The first one is a non-manage Hotspot system that you can create straight away using your wireless router. The second one is a managed hotspot system, with this system you have to connect your wireless router to a hotspot service that allows you to manage your hotspot.

Non-managed Hotspot

If you are going to create a Hotspot without a managed system you can setup your wireless router with WPA2 security password for customers to join your WiFi network to access the Internet. There are advantages and disadvantages of non-managed Hotspot. The advantages of non-managed WiFi systems are: Fast and Easy access also minimal maintenance and configuration. The Disadvantages of non-managed Hotspot systems are: less secure, simultaneous use (with one password many people can access the hotspot), vulnerable to bandwidth abusers.

Managed Hotspot

The other option is to have a managed Hotspot System. The requirements are the same as before but using a managed system you must do several more steps to modify your wireless router to configure the connection to the managed hotspot service. There are many managed Hotspot billing system providers out there, choose the one that best suites your need. Benefits of having a managed Internet WiFi system is that you can manage individual users, you can control how much time or bandwidth usage an individual user can consume. You can also have your own splash page before a user connects to promote your Hotspot, users can even pay using a credit card to access the Hotspot.

Those are some simple steps and examples of what you need to do to create an Internet WiFi system. Remember when creating your own public Internet access to consider your needs and requirements that is the right fit for your business.