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Call +1-844-659-0555 – How to backup and restore a NETGEAR range extender

This article gives investigating steps if your remote gadgets are not distinguishing the Network Name (SSID) of your range extender. This can occur if the extender isn’t communicating the system SSID or the extender has not booted up effectively.

It would be ideal if you have a go at rebooting your extender and have a go at interfacing once more. In the event that your remote gadgets are still not recognizing the Network Name (SSID) of you extender, you’ll have to check if your extender is communicating its SSID.

To check if your extender is communicating its SSID:

Associate a PC to the extender utilizing an Ethernet link.

Open the extender GUI utilizing

Whenever incited for Email and Password, if it’s not too much trouble type the email and secret key that you have arrangement for extender account. Generally if it’s requesting Username and Password, naturally Username is administrator and Password will be secret word. On the off chance that the default secret phrase isn’t working you may have officially changed the secret phrase. So utilize the secret key that you have changed to.

Go to Wi-Fi Settings and check if “Empower 2.4GHz Wi-Fi” or “Empower 5GHz Wi-Fi” and “Communicate this Network name(SSID)” are checked. If not check them and snap Save as appeared in Figure 1.

Note: For some extender with more seasoned rendition of NETGEAR genie UI, you need to go to Advance – WiFi Settings–Check “Empower Wireless Access Point” and “Empower SSID Broadcast” as show in Figure 2.

Figure 1: New NETGEAR genie UI

Figure 2: NETGEAR genie Old UI

Confirm the Network Name(SSID) of your range extender and ensure you are searching for the right SSID.

Squinting force LED:

This can happen if the extender’s firmware is degenerate or extender isn’t getting adequate power supply.

Ensure the extender is associated with the power source appropriately.

Reset the extender by embeddings a stick or a paper clasp to the Reset opening for around 20 seconds.

On the off chance that the power LED is as yet squinting, download the most recent firmware of the extender from the NETGEAR Download Center and spare it to a helpful spot like your work area.

Additionally download the TFTP programming we are going to use on this connection:

When you have the majority of the documents required, play out a hard reset on the extender and power cycle it a while later.

Note: It is prescribed to do a hard reset on the extender before playing out the firmware recuperation to guarantee that the extender is on its default settings.

Interface a PC designed to the extender and check in the event that it will be given a substantial IP address. If not, generously allot a static IP address to the PC in scope of the IP address of the extender.


IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Default portal:

DNS boxes can be left vacant

Power cycle the PC.

When the PC is prepared, open the Command brief and attempt to ping the IP address of extender.

Note: The default IP address of NETGEAR extender is

In the event that you can ping the extender effectively, continue with Step 10. If not, the firmware of the extender is past recuperation.

Run the TFTP2.exe document we have downloaded before.

Type in the IP address in the Server box and secret key on the Password box.

On the File segment, click on the peruse (catch with three dabs) and select the most recent firmware that we downloaded before.

Snap on the Upgrade catch and check the message that will appear.

In the event that you see a message saying that the update is effective, change the IP address of the PC to DHCP once more.

Note: Once the recuperation procedure is finished, the power LED should turn strong green or white. On the off chance that the power LED keeps on blazing green, educate the client that we can’t recuperate the firmware of the extender and it ought to be supplanted.

Play out another hard reset on the extender and arrangement as typical once it is prepared