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How Do I Buy the Right Wireless Router for My Home or Condo?

The internet is a global computer network composed of millions of public and private networks. When data is transmitted from one network to another, it is necessary to determine the path to take from all networks. This is where the router operates. It directs traffic through a “routing table” kind of huge address book. The router is also essential if you surf the Internet wirelessly. Without it, you can not connect your iPhone to the Internet. In addition, the router allows you to build a home network. For example, if you want all your computers remotely access the location where you stored your movies and music, you’ll need to buy wireless router .

One of the questions I am often asked is: “How do I buy the right wireless router for my home or condo and set it correctly?”

This is a good question and the answer depends on a few factors: the size of your home, the number of Wi-Fi devices you have and the number of users.

Since Wi-Fi is becoming an integral part of our connection with our digital world and many new gadgets are available in the market, such as smart phones, tablets, game consoles and more, the need to buy wireless router and more powerful, faster is now required.

For configuration, there are three network designed for different uses and that will help you create a smart and powerful home network options:

Light Duty

Designed for small spaces like an apartment or dorm room and supports 2 or 3 devices such as a laptop or a smart phone.

Moderate Service

Designed for home or home office and supports 3-5 devices such as a laptop, a wireless printer, a phone and a tablet.

High or heavy duty (depending on the router)

The latest dual-band routers are part of this category and are ideal for large homes or offices and support from May to July devices such as Smart TV, online gaming, a laptop, two smart phones and more. This is the best choice to buy wireless router for those who use multiple devices simultaneously. The dual-band allows you to have a 2.4GHz network to manage your phones, old computers, decoders and other wireless devices while maintaining an 802.11n 5 GHz network for your new and faster devices. There is even a new 802.11ac standard that offers even faster than 802.11n speeds. Devices that can use these two bands will automatically choose the most appropriate.

People who want to watch streaming video in their home or who like to play video games with a Wi-Fi router will choose a multiband that offers a faster connection and better response.

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