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Call +1-844-659-0555 – Go Broadband! Go Wireless! – Kyocera KR1 Mobile Wireless Router

If you need a wireless broadband network at any place or any time – the KR1 Mobile Router is your solution. The KR1 Mobile Router utilizes 1xEV-DO as the WAN backhaul and supports many different computers or devices – for high speed wireless data transfer.

The KR1 mobile router is the best solution for traveling professionals: sales people, consultants, dispatchers, and more. The KR1 Mobile Router can easily be compared to the broadband service you have hooked up at your home.

The Kyocera KR1 mobile router has the ability to connect many different computers directly to the Web, using only one broadband EV-DO PC card. The KR1 is essentially a command hub, talking to other local computers over the 802.11b/g wireless connection, as well as to the web with the 1xEV-DO card.

With the Kyocera KR1 will also let your home PC use your notebook’s access card. The KR1 will also allow you to make a Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere – an ability that is very handy if other regular broadband connections are not available.

The Kyocera KR1 also boasts advanced firewall and other security controls. The configuration is pretty simple and user friendly, and set up is a breeze. The KR1 also features integrated 10/100 mbps switch, along with four different Ethernet ports.

There is also an easy access control to manage a variety of users. The multiple users of the KR1 have the ability to share different high speed connections – with speeds of up to 2.4 MB per second – with typical speeds coming in at 400-700+ Kb per second.