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Get Rid of Wires

Technology has made some quick and big leaps and has connected the whole world virtually. These days the toughest task is to vanish because a person who is connected to the internet cannot cover his / her every track. Today, everyone can open offices, virtual or real, in any corner of the world without worrying much about costs and connectivity. Globalization has become possible because of one important factor and that is connectivity. Communications along side with technology has made vast advancements and has brought the whole world a lot closer. The latest technology in communications, that is, wireless networking has accomplished many goals and has enabled people to stay closer.

Go wireless

Are you fed up of seeing wires everywhere? Even your well furnished office looks a jungle of wires? Do you always have to walk cautiously to avoid falling by getting stuck in wires? Not to worry anymore as you’ll get the same speed and connectivity benefits with the wireless technology. Forget the landlines, LAN cables etc and switch to wireless communication systems. Don’t want to stay fixed? Then, wireless networking is for you. Connect the entire office, house, building, university, school, mall etc with internet and other communication services using wireless routers and devices. Keep the show of your premises intact and still offer superb communication network.

Cheap and reliable

Wireless networking is the future of telecommunications. It started with pagers and since, has grown to a wide spectrum. The wireless networking is quite cheap as compared to wired because it does not need installation of more equipments and connecting wires. Also, wireless communications can be extended to any limit. Even in space wireless networks are used. They are reliable and are quicker than wired networks. Primarily, radio and microwaves are used to communicate messages in wireless networking. The world is stepping into 4G data speed generation which will presently offer the highest data bandwidth.


Wireless networking, no doubt is the future but it still has its drawbacks. The radiations emitted through towers and devices are harmful and cause various health problems including cancer. The wireless communication is reliable but its speed fluctuates every second. It is also not as safe as wired networking, as it can be hacked into easily.

Even though with a few disadvantages, wireless networking is still ruling the technological as well as communication industries along with every other sector. Without proper communication no business can survive in today’s world and wireless communication has enabled a farther reach in a matter of seconds.

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Article Source Link by Urvi Tandon