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EX8000 – AC3000 Nighthawk X6S Tri Band WiFi Range Extender:Setting a static IP address on the WN2000RPT wireless extender

As a matter of course, the WN2000RPT remote extender gets an IP address through DHCP. To enable the system supervisor to effectively log to the gadget after establishment, it will be helpful to guarantee that it generally has a similar IP address. This can be accomplished by setting a DHCP reservation on the DHCP server, or by physically setting a static IP address on the remote extender. The subsequent strategy is depicted in this article.

Interface the PC directly to the extender utilizing an Ethernet link.

Access the extender page by opening internet browser (for example Web Explorer).

On the location bar type in the accurate location “” and press Enter. The accompanying screen should come up.

At the point when requested a username and secret key, type administrator for the username and secret word for the secret word. Ensure all letters are in lower case.

On the left blue hued sheet click on IP Address Setup under the Setup classification.

Under the Device’s IP Address select Use Static IP Address.

You would now be able to set a static IP for the extender.

Note: IP Address ought to be on the equivalent subnet of the fundamental switch while Gateway IP Address ought to be the IP address of the switch. DNS can be equivalent to that utilized on different gadgets on the LAN, or an open DNS server address such

Snap Apply to refresh the setting.