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Epson Small-In-One Benefits From Wi-Fi Direct

For many organisations, printing is not their core activity and they often stick with the same systems and approaches for multiple years without taking into account the potential savings they can make with alternatives.

When it comes to consumers, the situation is the same – many people stick with the mantra “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” with their printing, but this is often a counterproductive way of thinking.

Even though individuals can be bogged down trying to find a balance between their work and social lives, taking half an hour to search the market and look for the cheapest paper and machines could make all the difference to their budgets in the long run.

Some people hastily select a particular model because of its retail price, though this is not always the best approach. Instead, running costs should be looked at thoroughly, as the price of ink and other accessories could make even the most affordable model burn a hole in consumers’ pockets.

Finding the right machine

People who are unacquainted with the printer market may find that locating the right machine could be a troublesome task, as there are many specifications and models for individuals to choose from.

No doubt, retail assistants will plug the latest technology in hope of finalising a large sale, though these top-of-the-market models are often unnecessary.

Instead, consumers should look for models that offer practicality above style and luxury. While the more expensive models may offer better photo quality, many people buying these systems do not even need such technology.

For example, customers who mainly want to print articles alongside some occasional scanning and photocopying may be interested in purchasing a multi-function printer (MFP).

These machines provide all of the aforementioned capabilities and come in a compact size, making it easy for consumers to accommodate them within their homes without being forced into a reshuffle of the furniture.

Epson’s Small-in-One

When it comes to compact and functional machines, there may be none better than Epson’s Small-in-One range, which now features Wi-Fi Direct technology.

Such capabilities are useful for printing family photos and household documents, while they also enable home users to print directly from Wi-Fi enabled devices without needing a wireless router.

Included in the range are the Expression Home XP-412/413/415, 312/313/315, 215 and 212 machines, with each of these giving customers the chance to save space, money and time due to their small dimensions, individual inks and a variety of user-friendly features.

The machines are also compatible with Epson iPrint, enabling users to print wirelessly from smartphones and tablet PCs.

Furthermore, the XP-412/413/415, 312/313/315 and 215 will enable users to print from anywhere in the world, as photos and documents can be emailed directly to a machine’s unique email address.

All of these printers will also be Google Cloud Print-ready, and they will all use Epson’s Claira Home Ink set. This combines the durability of black pigment ink with the glossy colour photo output of dye-based cyan, magenta and yellow inks.

Simon Hanly, product manager, Epson UK, said: “More users than ever before are using mobile devices, so we’re always looking at ways we can offer greater printing flexibility.

“In addition to Wi-Fi, Epson Connect and Google Cloud Print, we now have Wi-Fi Direct which allows users to print directly from their smartphone, tablet PC or wireless laptop directly to their printer – no router needed, no hassle.”

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