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Wireless Networking for Highland Park Illinois Homes

Many people from Highland Park Illinois call us and ask how do they set up their home network. They usually have a couple problems. First Highland Park Illinois has many larger homes that are 5000 square ft plus and were never wired for computer equipment. Also many home are made of brick on other heavy lumber or material. The combination of large space with dense material makes it very hard to get a wireless network up and running.

The Wireless Ninja have come up with ten tips for Highland Park Home Owner to solve their home network issues.

1. Place their wireless router in the center of their property. Most wireless networking routers and access points come with a omni-directional antenna. These types of antennas emit a 360-degree radio signal. If the router is placed near a wall this means that half of you wireless signal is going outside.

2. If you can’t place your wireless network equipment in the middle of your home purchase a directional antenna. This will focus your radio signal in the direction your need.

3. Purchase a External antenna for your laptop. Highland Park Il homes are usually older and made with lead plumbing and heavy brick. Usually the problem is not the wireless access point being to weak it is that your laptop receive sensitivity is low. So buying a USB wireless adapter with multiple antennas will help greatly

4. You can also extend your wireless network using Power Line Ethernet bridges. All these do is turn your power outlets into computer network ports.

5. Purchase your wireless router and wireless adapters form the same vendor (Linksys / Dlink). You usually get more range from your network by using equipment from the same vendor.

6. Change your wireless channel to the correct non-interfering transmission channel. If you neighbor runs a wireless network and you transmit on the same channel you could have co-channel interference.

7. Larger homes can also benefit from wireless mesh networking products what create a wireless wire to the different sections of your home.

Following these tips will extend your wireless networking signal and extend your dollar. Don’t settle for wireless in one quarter of your home, every square foot should be digital.

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Article Source Link by Eric Meyer