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Month: October 2019

What Are Wireless Routers?

In the age of advanced and accessible connectivity where the internet has connected the world in a network of information, security hassles have increased manifold. With the increasing demand for routers within networks and the limited availability of unique IP addresses the creation of a unique password is a necessity for internet security. Passwords are […]

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5 Tips To Keep Hackers From Connecting To Your Wireless Home Network and Stealing Your Identity

Drive up and down any neighborhood with a Laptop and wireless network card and chances are very good there is an unprotected wireless network waiting for anyone to connect. Imagine the hacker or your neighbor who has been using your connection and possibly capturing all data being transmitted over the Network. Your Email, Bank and […]

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TL-R4299G Dual WAN Load Balancing Router – Does It Meet Your Business Needs?

In a mission critical environment where uninterrupted internet connection is required to support a business to keep running, the deployment of business class router with fail-over and load balance capability is a must. In a fail-over system, the connection will fail-over to the backup connection when the primary connection fails to function. This is to […]

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Understanding Computer Networks

When most people think of computer networks they think of large businesses. Many people have networked their home systems to enable a shared internet connection, shared files and even shared printing capabilities. The process of sharing resources and data between more than one computer is referred to as computer networking. When you link the computers […]

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